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Clinical Success for Anterior and Posterior Restorations

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Instructor: William “Bo” Bruce, DMD

Course Length: Half day or full day , hands-on

Attendants: Doctor

The world of dentistry changes, it seems, from hour to hour. There are some proven techniques that have not changed and some new techniques being developed everyday. You will get the opportunity to use some of the latest and proven materials and equipment on the market. You will see how understanding and restoring balance to the masticatory system will make you more predicable. If we can learn and apply procedures that work and make sense, we will spend less time in the office. We will walk through an anterior case, in a step by step fashion, so you can take it back and apply it on Monday. You will also place posterior composite using the “Casper” technique.


Course Objectives:

  • How to achieve balance between joints and teeth
  • What type of guidance is necessary
  • How composites can be your best friend in starting a smile design
  • What needs to be transferred to the model
  • How to use a dependable articulator
  • Why you need an articulator
  • Esthetic functional preview
  • Using putty to never get lost
  • Simplistic prep matrix
  • Precise prep design
  • Fabrication of provisionals with simplicity
  • Finishing provisionals and using staining to take it to the next level
  • Balancing the finished case to have ultimate success
  • Simple technique for predictable posterior composites

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