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Success In The Esthetic

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Instructor: William “Bo” Bruce, DMD

Course length: Can be all day with lunch break or half day

Attendants: Doctor, Assistant, Hygienist, office personnel

A system for success in your practice and life without compromising excellence is a key to happiness. If we do not have proper balance between our practice and family life we will find ourselves burned out. The most important thing we have is time. There is nothing that wastes more time in an office than a lack of predictability. You will learn a simple and systematic, 4 step process to approaching any case that walks into your office. You will gain an understanding of why balance in the masticatory system is so important. I will give you systems for success so you can be home with your family.

Bring your team members! We will never change anything in our practices without our teams understanding why. Predictability begins at the heart of the practice!


Course Objectives:

  • Scheduling for excellence-how to manage your time in the office.
  • Learn how to think through a treatment plan with function and esthetics.
  • 4 steps to clinical success.
  • Why practice profitability is tied to your knowledge of occlusion.
  • How to recognize disharmony and imbalance in the masticatory system.
  • How to minimize your remakes.
  • What records you need for predictability.
  • How to eliminate fractures and chips on those new veneers, while developing harmony and balance.
  • Organizational systems for success.
  • Blocking blue time for the family.

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