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Ultimate Esthetic and Function Connection

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Instructor: William “Bo” Bruce, DMD

Course length: Can be all day with lunch break or half day

Attendants: Doctor, Assistant, Hygienist, office personnel

This course will allow you to build on the fundamentals of occlusion to make your esthetic dentistry gorgeous, functionally sound, and financially rewarding. Techniques and concepts that have stood the test of time are driving the age of excellent dentistry. Learn how to apply these to your practice, appropriately treatment plan your patients, and ultimately increase case acceptance. Digital photography is one of your most valuable assets in this process; if patients are able to see what you see, chances are they will better understand.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of why occlusion is so important in the general/esthetic practice.
  • How to recognize disharmony and imbalance in the masticatory system.
  • To find, verify, and record centric relation
  • To utilize digital photography in pursuing optimum results.
  • To choose the most appropriate camera system for your needs.
  • To determine necessary records in working up a case for ideal esthetics and function.
  • To learn how verify provisionals-this is the most critical stage in advanced restorative procedures.
  • How to predictably choose the correct length for ideal function.
  • To learn how to set up the gingival plane for optimum esthetics.
  • To learn how to predictably manage interproximal tissue and never see that black triangle.
  • Your assistant will learn how to verify accurately mounted models.
  • Your assistant will learn how to constantly deliver beautiful model work that will make your labs call you and ask how you did it.

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